Local Security Force

Good stuff from Pastor Joe Fox. This is very similar to the NPT concept that I am a fan of.

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Local Security Force

During times of emergency, resulting from any of a variety of causes from natural disasters to war and invasion, communities become unstable. Established order breaks down, chaos reigns, people suffer, and many times, bad actors rise to positions of power filling the vacuum left by fleeing or ineffective authorities.  If the emergency is bad enough or big enough or lasts long enough – things may never get back to where they were.

In such times of great stress and strain, people and organizations that act first usually obtain a great advantage. Most especially if they act on a previously crafted, rehearsed, and resourced plan.  Communist insurgent and underground organizations perfected these techniques and put them to good use in the chaos and power vacuums immediately following WWII.

A community that forms, trains, and resources Local Security Forces (LSF) now, in times of peace…

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