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California opens ‘Embassy’ in Moscow-RT

That’s right, the ‘movement’ has opened an embassy in Moscow. Before you laugh, I must point out that although at first glance such a move seems absurd (more on this in a second) creating a government in exile prior to hostilities is not only a smart move, but absolutely necessary for an insurgency. And make no mistake, the Left wants one and the pump is primed.

Here’s the problem- last I checked, Russia’s policies appear to favor Trump at face value. I may be far from a Political Scientist or Diplomat, but this move seems a bit silly. Given the budding adversarial relationship between the US and the PRC, opening a consulate in Shanghai would have been a far smarter move. That, and the fact that Shanghai privately owns large swaths of real estate in CA.

But then again, the Russians, like the…

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So Now The “Left” wants To Play “Militia”?

Mason Dixon Tactical


You gotta love it when a cowardly POS uses a disclaimer like, “I don’t agree with this, but this is how I’d do it.”. Then he says, “I’d assemble armed resistance brigades”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ROFLMAO! I hate to tell you Snowflake, but you picked the wrong side of that comflict to even consider it an “armed” anything. “Sign carriers”, yes… guys have the lock on that. Trump supporters (foremost of which would be Vets and LEO’s in that scenario) would be the only “armed” and tactically proficient group in that one slice shit sandwich. But hey, thanks for giving Trump supporters a reason to load ALL the mags………


How To Violently Prevent Trump From Taking Power

For the dense, let me just state unequivocally up front that I do not support this plan, and I do not advocate that violent measures be used to stop Trump. That…

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Identification Trumps Speed

JC Dodge with his usual plain simple truth.

Mason Dixon Tactical


This will be very a very brief post. I was asked a few weeks ago what my thoughts were on various speed drills that different instructors were using with the rifle and pistol. My friend asked what I thought of one from a particular instructor concerning the rifle. My response was what I have been saying for years. If the drill is designed to induce stress and help with training the individual to become better and more proficient, fine. If the drill is to reduce the time between shots and targets, that’s only OK to a point.

The mantra I have used for years is simply this. “No matter how fast you can shoot, you can’t responsibly shoot faster than you can target discriminate”. Great, your split times are measured in 100ths of a second. Sorry, you can’t ID a “Shoot”, “Don’t shoot” target that fast, can you, so it’s…

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