So Now The “Left” wants To Play “Militia”?

Mason Dixon Tactical


You gotta love it when a cowardly POS uses a disclaimer like, “I don’t agree with this, but this is how I’d do it.”. Then he says, “I’d assemble armed resistance brigades”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ROFLMAO! I hate to tell you Snowflake, but you picked the wrong side of that comflict to even consider it an “armed” anything. “Sign carriers”, yes… guys have the lock on that. Trump supporters (foremost of which would be Vets and LEO’s in that scenario) would be the only “armed” and tactically proficient group in that one slice shit sandwich. But hey, thanks for giving Trump supporters a reason to load ALL the mags………


How To Violently Prevent Trump From Taking Power

For the dense, let me just state unequivocally up front that I do not support this plan, and I do not advocate that violent measures be used to stop Trump. That…

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