Open Sources- 19 DEC 16



California opens ‘Embassy’ in Moscow-RT

That’s right, the ‘movement’ has opened an embassy in Moscow. Before you laugh, I must point out that although at first glance such a move seems absurd (more on this in a second) creating a government in exile prior to hostilities is not only a smart move, but absolutely necessary for an insurgency. And make no mistake, the Left wants one and the pump is primed.

Here’s the problem- last I checked, Russia’s policies appear to favor Trump at face value. I may be far from a Political Scientist or Diplomat, but this move seems a bit silly. Given the budding adversarial relationship between the US and the PRC, opening a consulate in Shanghai would have been a far smarter move. That, and the fact that Shanghai privately owns large swaths of real estate in CA.

But then again, the Russians, like the…

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