A Realistic Bug Out

Good stuff from both JC Dodge and Bergmann. I did a video touching on the subject a little over a year ago.


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Most who know me, know that I am staunchly against most people planning to just “Bug Out”to the mountains when the SHTF. I advise people to plan on “Bugging In” where they are, or “Bugging To” a pre-planned location. The are a number of reasons why I’m against a “Bug Out”, but chief among them is that most who plan to do this are doing it out of laziness and/or an overwhelming lack of reality.

Laziness, because it is a lot easier to plan to just throw the pack on and grab the rifle, than it is to prepare to stay put, stock up on supplies, and plan a realistic defense. It would be great if it was that easy (and cheap), but it is not. After approximately two weeks, you will go from being a “Survivalist”, to being a “refugee”.

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5 thoughts on “A Realistic Bug Out

  1. It amazes me that people with no background in woodcraft, hunting, trapping, or foraging think that they are going to go live in the forest like Avatar and survive. I think that a real TEOTWAWKI event will see forest floors littered with skeletons come Spring….
    IMO the only bugging out we should be doing is getting to our BOL’s, if we don’t already live there.
    Great post.

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  3. Bugging in should obviously be a first you’d think. My three girls are tough, but idk how well 6,7, and an 8 year old will do rucking for 6 hours straight.


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