Personal Protective Gear For A Nuclear Threat.

Good info from my friend JC Dodge. Another good reason to have a good rain suit on hand.

Mason Dixon Survivalist Association


As a kid, the threat of nuclear war was a very real. One of the reasons I chose to go to NBC School while in the military was due to my interest in learning how to survive it as a teenager, and realizing that whatever I may have learned as a civilian, I could probably learn a lot more in the military. At one point I served as a Battalion NBC NCO, and assisted in the planning and conducting of battalion level training events.


Although there are a lot of resources out there, the book Nuclear War Survival Skills is still one of the best and most practical. Although a lot of people believe you need a military NBC suit to survive fallout, in actuality, a standard rubber rainsuit will protect you just as well. The military NBC suit is more for the chemicals in a chemical attack than the…

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One thought on “Personal Protective Gear For A Nuclear Threat.

  1. It looks like Bunkers are back in style and anyone with a welder thinks they can make one of a lot of money. Here in the UK I was looking on ebay for bunker (I had to much time on my hands) and found this one “Underground nuclear bunker ” – £30,000 ($40,000 US)
    It had no details so I sent a list of basic questions that any one who knows the basic about bunkers should know even if all they have done is read Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson H. Kearny. The questions where;
    ” Is this a floating or non floating design? What kind of secondary exit is used? ie. sand trap est What kind of air intake is used? ie forced, passive est Can it be fitted with a KAP? Given average cover what would the PF be? What would the overpressure rating be?”
    I get this back “Sorry Its just a steel fabricated shell only. Sounds like you should be making them ???”
    So trying to be helpfull I sent this
    “Just one thing read Nuclear War Survival Skills by. Cresson H. Kearny (the old Ed is fine the new ed has only a added half page) you can get PDF copy for free from a lot of web pages and you will know what buyers are talking about.”
    and that got this back
    “We are welders and just want to make these shell only, thats all we know nothing else about them. nor want to”
    So I sent them back a email;
    At £30,000.00 you have to know something. I’m a Plater (steel plate worker) by trade and for that kind of money the customer has a right for you to know about the item you have for sale. For that kind of money when it goes wrong the lawyers are going to cost you a lot more.
    The way I see it if your trying to sell a bunker for £30,000 the buyer has a right for the seller to know some thing anything.
    and got this back;
    Look I tried to be nice but who s the f@@k are you with your opinions Find a hole crawl into it and well you know what to do F@@k off
    Me being me sent this back:
    I’m the guy who writes on the website about bunkers – guess what I’m going to be saying now. Any one with £30,000 to spend on this is going to do there homework.
    and got this back from a man who wants £30,000 (about $40,000) for something he knows nothing about and is not safe to do.
    “Good for you write the fucker on your website you opinionated prick
    Mr bunker expert,player,writer,know it all
    Try keeping your big f@@kin nose out before it gets squashed.
    Now f@@k off dick head and get weighting [I have no idea] Prick Get a life
    Just because you may write. Should you then go round giving unwanted opinions
    Once again f@@k off”
    So if your in the UK don’t try to get Andy Rady of Blackwood Quarry Engineering Ltd (Leicestershire) to build anything for you he knows nothing and thinks downloading a free book on anything is to much hard work.


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