“You’re Bugging Out, Man”

Once again guys, read and pay close attention.


My friend JC Dodge has authored and commented on a few well-done pieces on a perrenial Prepper topic- The Bugout– and while each of those takes are well done in their own right, I thought I’d share my two cents for what it’s worth including my own real-life bugout.

Go take a look at the last few posts if you haven’t done so- there’s some well done linking to Ivar Bergmann’s Channel (with some gorgeous Alaska scenery) and to my very good friend Hawkeye of UW Gear.

I would consider myself “around” for a while; not in the blogging sense but to the notions of Survivalism. Like the post JC shared of himself, I was the kid packing the bag and running to the woods with my shotgun (and later, Remington 742, 30-06 Springfield, 1 ea., and then later still, .45-70) and being in my early 30s…

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