Uncertain Tomorrow, some relative points.

So, I’ve shared this video in the past, but I thought that it was worth sharing again. While it’s not a “perfect” (if such a thing could actually exist) example, I think it is quite well done and it shows some pertinent points. In the vein of Brushbeaters recent post, note here the planned route(s), the pre-planned/designated RV point, etc..

Also of note…. notice he/they aren’t blasting everyone and everything in sight. Notice the lack of authority (LE/Govt) presence. Etc. I’m really hoping they do the mentioned part 2 video, but it’s been over 2.5 years, so I’m not holding my breath.

One thought on “Uncertain Tomorrow, some relative points.

  1. There were a lot of things I always were interesting in this video.

    1) The “gray man” disguise in the opening credits always made me think of the John Kelly/John Clark character in Tom Clancy’s “Without Remorse” novel. Especially when Kelly is hunting in Baltimore.

    2) The recognition to walk away from assets when necessary without looking back.

    3) Noise OPSEC. When would it be safe in a situation like that to do “loud” training. Sound carries quite a distance. However, this is where a suppressor would definitely have added value.

    4) Involving everyone in situational planning. Even the young girl knew what to do and what was expected of her when the situation went sideways.

    Thanks for sharing this. I remember seeing it before and had always wished they had kept going with it.


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