How’s your medical skills?

So, when it comes to prepping, of course we all (or at least most of us) like the defensive part of the equation. No doubt because this is the part that involves the guns, gear, etc… Sometimes though, it’s easy to forget about the (equally) important other aspects of the equation. Having food so that we eat… Can’t effectively protect what we have or our loved ones if we’re starving. Having water… Yup, can’t function well without water. Dehydration sucks. Then of course there is shelter, which includes your clothing, thought some of that could fall under the defensive tab of course. Can’t forget about tools either. So, you get the idea. Lots of parts to the whole survival/prepper/being prepared equation. They are all important, some marginally more so than others, but most are pretty equal. One thing that I often see people forgetting, is to not only stock medical supplies, but they also don’t get the training to go along with it. You have to know how to properly use those supplies. Even more so, you need to be able to do it under stress, and possibly on someone you care a lot about. Treating an injury under calm circumstances can be tough enough. Add in some rapidly changing dynamics like an active threat, and even the best trained and experienced can find it difficult.

So with that in mind, watch the following video. If that were your close friends or family that were injured, and the fight is still raging on, can you treat them? It’s very easy to overload the brain just with the dynamics of the fight itself… directing your team, engaging the threats, safely maneuvering on the threats, etc… Now you have to treat injured team mates, treat yourself, and possibly even have to treat a team mate while you are also injured. Can you continue to fight and protect your team while someone else is doing the treating? Can you do it while you yourself are injured? Can you still work your weapon? I was told once in a class by a retired SEAL, to make sure your gear and equipment can work, and you can work it, while you and it are sweaty, muddy, or bloody, because you most likely will be (not sure he came up with it, he was just the first person I had ever heard it from). I’ve tried to follow that in selecting my own weapons, gear, and equipment ever since.

Now, I’m not advocating for, or against, any of the specific techniques shown here, I’m just presenting it as what I think is a good example of how stressful and chaotic things can get, and this is just in training. The real thing would be even more so. Don’t neglect your medical supplies, AND your medical skills. Learn how to use those skills under stress.


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