Wife’s new Palmetto State Armory 4″ 9mm AR pistol.

Primary Arms Micro dot push button – http://bit.ly/2w0mbwR
Primary Arms Micro dot rotary dial – http://bit.ly/2Bq7p7V

Palmetto State Armory 4″ 9mm AR pistol w/SB tactical brace – http://bit.ly/2PjNI4m
Palmetto State Armory 4″ 9mm upper – http://bit.ly/2Br3KXc

Handgun Malfunction clearance

In our current grid up everyday life, our handgun is often our #1 weapon, as it is what we are most likely to have with us if someone flings poop against a rotating oscillator. Hopefully, you are already devoting a decent amount of time to staying proficient with your preferred handgun of choice, and are able to efficiently and effectively deploy it, hits your targets, and reload it as necessary. One of the things I often see overlooked though, is practice at clearing malfunctions. However awesome and flawless your handgun may be, Murphy’s law will always rule, whether you want it to or not. Now, over the years I have taken many handgun classes. I’ve had multiple different instructors give their own take on how to clear various malfunctions. I can’t say that any of them have been “bad” or “wrong”, as they are mostly pretty similar with usually just slight variations in different aspects. That all said, I like to keep things as simple as possible. My friend Garry has a couple of video’s up with his methods of handgun malfunction clearance that I really like. He keeps it simple and effective. Enough said. Get out there and practice these.