Scenes From A Recent RTO Course


IMG_1647 - CopyI’ve been burning the midnight oil trying to get as many people and groups trained as humanly possible over the last couple of months. Rough times are definitely on the horizon, and as I tell everyone in my classes when asked, the best thing you can do is train. Get off the internet, get off the couch, stop reading op-eds and start doing something. The opposition sure as hell has been.

Many people ask just what the RTO Course is- a radio class? What if I have no experience? What if I’m a 30-year Extra class? Doesn’t matter. Long story short, it’s a class on tactical communications. We focus on basic skills and build up to improvised infrastructure, all off the grid, then apply it in a small unit. Just how do you create a local network, even if all you’ve got in a box full of analog…

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