Scenes From The Recent RTO Course


100_1033 Basic functions of the TOC are covered as it goes operational during the practical portions of the course.

100_1034 Students preparing to get their communications with the TOC up and running.

100_1036 Every student builds a Jungle Antenna in class as part of learning antenna theory. And students gain confidence in what they build through having to rely on it in the course.

100_1039 Comms Up!

100_1040 Student prepares to observe the area for possible OPFOR.

100_1041 Are they OPFOR or are they friendly? No way to know but though observation and relaying what we observe to the TOC.

100_1042 Student prepares to send SALUTE report.

100_1043 Writing a script before getting on the mic makes sure our transmissions are clear and concise.

100_1044 Students get familiarized with the long wire resistor directional antenna. This has been up since the last Advanced Class built it in May.

100_1045 Directional long wire with resistor works well, with the TOC reporting…

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