Moving forward…..

The following is from my friend John Hurth. In case you don’t know who he is, he is a retired Green Beret and founder/president of Tyr Group.


The 2020 Presidential Election results do not matter anymore.

The 2020 election will be decided in the courts, but even that does not matter. Whether Biden or Trump is the decided winner it won’t stop what is coming. For the last five years, I have been telling people we are in the latent and incipient phase of an insurgency, some have listened and most have not. Many thought I was completely nuts about our country being in an insurgency, some still do, yet here we are.

One political party weaponized the offices of the Govt against another political party, a hostile transfer of power from an outgoing President to an incoming President, an attempted coup conducted by the Democratic Party, US intelligence agencies and DOJ, the media pushing their own political agendas through propaganda, and censorship, the over politicization of a virus, extreme lockdowns that crushed a prosperous economy, Freedom of Speech squashed and censorship by large tech and social media platforms, criminals made into martyrs, Riots in the streets, Looting, Lawlessness, and communities destroyed, defunding LE, Police targeted for assassination, educators corrupting the minds of Americas Youth, and now election tampering.

The election was bound to be compromised and now there are good reasons to believe it has. No matter what happens in the courts neither side will accept the outcome. This is what happens when you have subversives in a nation that hold power and seek more with an abundance of low information voters who can easily be exploited.

But it gets better. The Democrats thought they could use Antifa and BLM for their own political purposes, never realizing those radical Marxist organizations hate Democrats just as much as they hate Republicans. You see, they do not want the United States to even exist in its current form. They are anti-constitution (but will exploit it to get what they want) and anti-American. They want a Marxist government in its stead. Ever wonder why the violence in Portland has not ceased since the end of May. If a Marxist insurgency wins political power, it will happen in Oregon, and Portland specifically. Just remember Democrats, you created them. You Democrats planted the weed in your own garden, watered it, let it grow, and that weed will eventually take over your garden.

So, no matter the outcome of this election, things are only going to get worse. Emotions are running high and logic is nowhere in the equation.

Marxists have no intention of stopping their violence. Criminals will only further exploit the lack of LE on the streets to continue their violent power grabs.

I always hear many “Patriots,” say they are ready to fight. They got their guns, their high-speed gear, they work out daily, and they do their “transition drills” with “lightning speed”, they practice CQB in their house, they get on social media and regurgitate the latest tactical fad, while disparaging others who are not as “fit” as they are or wearing the latest cool guy gear, and this is why they have been caught off guard with everything that has happened around them. Their leadership sucks, their strategy sucks, they are undisciplined, unorganized, and lack the knowledge to effectively do anything. They also completely underestimate their enemy and the environment in this war being waged.

For the most part, the patriot movement has been preparing for a war that is fought in the open, not the clandestine or covert war that is typically fought in insurgencies. If it makes you feel any better even most veterans who have recent experience in Afghanistan and Iraq fail to understand this type of warfare. That is why those wars lasted so long, every day was Groundhog Day for a conventional military rotation. If these veterans did not understand the insurgency they fought over there, how in hell are they going to fight it here. The only real exception is Special Forces Soldiers whose pipeline produce soldiers to conduct Unconventional Warfare. They understand insurgency because their whole pipeline prepares them to conduct an insurgency or fight against one.

The left has mobilized and organized. They have a very robust recruiting operation, they know how to spot, assess, and recruit new members, they understand the importance of OPSEC, their organization is decentralized and cellular, and they learn their lessons relatively quick. They have developed front organizations, safe houses, clandestine communication systems, sanctuary areas to operate from, garnered financial support from domestic private entities as well as foreign entities. Also, they learn from all your tactical gurus on YouTube and watch the same stuff you do.

My advice to you is to get your shit together and stop underestimating the enemy, this is going to be a long fight. There will be no Balkanization, it’s all or nothing in their minds so you better develop the same mindset.