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I dug this field manual up the other night. There is ALOT of good information in it. I highly recommend downloading it. What I am posting here is basically what most of my writing has been about. Signal Intelligence and defeating signal intelligence gathered. Everything in italics is what I added. I would suggest you add some of these radio procedures to your own group comms.

10-6. Electronic protection is the division of electronic warfare involving actions taken to protect personnel,
facilities, and equipment from any effects of friendly or enemy use of the electromagnetic spectrum that
degrade, neutralize or destroy friendly combat capability friendly combat capability (JP 3-13.1).

Table 10-1. Techniques for minimizing transmissions and transmission times

Ensure all
transmissions are
Analysis of U.S. tactical communications indicates that most communication used in
training exercises are explanatory and not directive. Radio communications must never
use as a…

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