Training Hike: Hide site and Dakota fire pit

Get out there and practice folks…. There is no substitute.

Badlands Fieldcraft

The planets aligned and I saw an opportunity to get out and do some training this weekend so I took it. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, I decided to organize it around a few objectives in order to get the most from it. They were:

  • Conduct a hike in full kit. This is to continue familiarizing myself with my gear and how it fits as well as the obvious PT benefit.
  • Patrol in and scout a location for a low profile shelter, or hide site.
  • Camouflage the shelter utilizing materials I brought with as well as local vegetation
  • Construct a Dakota fire pit with an emphasis on keeping as low a profile as possible.
  • Practice identifying as many useful plants and resources in the area as possible.

I arrived at the training area and the first thing I did was conduct my own pre-combat inspection on my gear. I…

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