It’s Hard to Fight When You are Hungry

Wyoming Survival

I always wonder why people in the prepper/survivalist community mainly focus on guns and gear. You don’t get as many subscribers or likes posting about food storage I’m guessing.

I believe after you have bought your first AR15/AK47, magazines, and ammo the next step is a food storage program for you and your family. Remember if you can’t protect it you don’t own it.

Last years food shortages should be enough to encourage even the biggest skeptic on why you need more than three days worth of food put away at the house. I believe the shortages are going to get worse. We have farm equipment shortages. We have this horrible drought in the west. We have a trucker shortage. We have worker shortages. This could end up extremely bad by this winter. Hopefully it doesn’t but we need to be ready if it turns south.

My idea of food…

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