October 23rd Patrolling 101 Class

If you’re in the area, this is a great opportunity.

Wyoming Survival

I know this is a short notice class but I want to get at least one more class out before the hard freeze of winter sets in. I have to have 4 people to make this class work. I’ve knocked $50 off this class so its only $100 for the day. It will be in the Rock Springs Wy area as usual. If you are interested send me an email.

Patrolling 101

In bad times you may need to know how to patrol your neighborhood or property. This class will get you prepared for that day. This class has zero shooting. You will be in a patrol all day getting use to moving as a team. We must have a minimum of 4 to run this class. Class covers:

  • Types of patrols
  • Patrol formations
  • Danger areas
  • Patrol movement
  • Hand signs
  • And more!

Gear needed for Patrolling 101

  • ZERO ammunition
  • Rifle…

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