Junk On The Bunk: Improving a Russian Spade

This right here is good stuff people. Take notes.

Badlands Fieldcraft

There’s a somewhat overlooked piece of gear that I think is important out in the bush, and that is a small shovel or entrenching tool. I can see why they aren’t as popular as Swedish hatchets or custom knives in the current “bush craft” community; those are fun to use and nice to look at. A shovel never quite made it that high in most people’s esteem, probably because it’s a working tool through and through. A shovel implies sweat and work, not feather sticks and carving spoons. Yet if we look back at those who have fought and lived in the bush for extended periods of time, a small shovel was often part of their kit.

A small shovel can do a lot of things for us, and I would rather carry one than a hatchet or axe most times. I think this is something that does require some…

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