2 thoughts on “My “Ultimate” AR build for the APC – Part 1

  1. Thank you sir as always for your time . My question is what other barrels did you consider before going with the 14 and why ? I very very recently did the same thing built a Ultimate gun. I considered the 14 P/W but ultimately did a 12.5 . Maybe you can offer a perspective that I did not consider. Thank you as always sir Butcher


    • The 14.7″ with the pinned & welded FS let me keep it a rifle vs. having to do a pistol with the 12.5″. That’s one of the biggest reasons. Another is that I have a couple of those barrels already and love how they shoot accuracy wise, so it’s a bit of a known entity to me. I’d love to have a 12.5″, even though it wouldn’t be all that different than the 11.5″ I already have, but there just aren’t a lot of cost effective (for me) options out there in that length.


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