Expo Arms/Primary Arms Glx 1-6x M6 Raptor DMR build – overview

Build/parts list :

Barrel – https://alnk.to/5ubFkDJ

Upper – https://alnk.to/ge1TapN

Upper Parts – https://alnk.to/hhwr3k3

Handguard – https://alnk.to/apOSNwq

Gas Block – https://alnk.to/cHIJy8T

Gas tube – https://alnk.to/7M5w5kO

Flash Suppressor – https://alnk.to/4XroogV

Crush Washer – https://alnk.to/esSjmlp

Bolt Carrier Group – https://alnk.to/btjqGul

Charging Handle – https://alnk.to/90uOX4C

Sling Mount – https://alnk.to/d3yfvQt

Lower Parts kit – https://alnk.to/9T4BRb6

Trigger Group – https://alnk.to/gzRp8ca

Buffer Tube – https://alnk.to/9T4BRcC

Buffer Spring – https://alnk.to/8EFiZv0

Buffer – https://alnk.to/bP8WEc2

End Plate – https://alnk.to/fls6gvZ

Castle Nut – https://alnk.to/fwmRfkX

1-6x Raptor M6 Scope – https://alnk.to/fwmRflZ


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