Winter Is Indeed Coming

Spot on thoughts from Joe Dolio. Read and head folks.

Tactical Wisdom

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As I write this, Moore County is still without power and may well be long after the promised December 8th end date. You can’t guarantee electrical repairs on a timeline, and if you remember back to Covid, we were told 3 weeks and we’re on year 3.

Friends, I’ve been warning about this scenario since about an hour after the Metcalf Incident. The Metcalf Incident wasn’t meant to take power down, it was a “proof of concept” attack to see if it could be done. The attack in Moore County was done in such a manner as to suggest that the attacker or attackers knew of the Metcalf Incident AND had done extensive recon to find the most impactful target. Military veterans from the sharper end of the spear will recognize this as the attackers having used the CARVER matrix to pick their targets.

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I’m not telling you to put…

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