Low-Tech to No-Tech is The Way

Tactical Wisdom

Being a public figure in the preparedness world, I get swamped with people asking me for my recommendations on the latest and coolest cool-guy Ultra-Tacticool gear. Which night vision should I buy, what’s the best range finder, and what rifle accessories do I need top the list.

While I give the best answers I can (and I’ll try to here), I always wonder if they’ve even read my first book, the Baseline Training Manual, where I spell out my philosophy on this. My philosophy is to go with no or low-tech options, every time. Technology is a point of failure. You’ll need batteries or repairs, so the answer is to learn to do without. You don’t need the $375 ultra-light backpacking tent; you need a tarp and some para-cord.

This is what the Lord says: “Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way…

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Winter Is Indeed Coming

Spot on thoughts from Joe Dolio. Read and head folks.

Tactical Wisdom

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As I write this, Moore County is still without power and may well be long after the promised December 8th end date. You can’t guarantee electrical repairs on a timeline, and if you remember back to Covid, we were told 3 weeks and we’re on year 3.

Friends, I’ve been warning about this scenario since about an hour after the Metcalf Incident. The Metcalf Incident wasn’t meant to take power down, it was a “proof of concept” attack to see if it could be done. The attack in Moore County was done in such a manner as to suggest that the attacker or attackers knew of the Metcalf Incident AND had done extensive recon to find the most impactful target. Military veterans from the sharper end of the spear will recognize this as the attackers having used the CARVER matrix to pick their targets.

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I’m not telling you to put…

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Are You REALLY In?

Another great post from Joe Dolio over at Tactical Wisdom. I strongly urge everyone to pay heed to what he’s saying.

Tactical Wisdom

I know a lot of people in the preparedness space. Some people are dead serious about it, some are not. The truth is, a lot of the folks allegedly into preparedness are actually just collectors and gear junkies, rather than actually into preparedness. How do I know? Well, I’m glad you asked, because it’s time for a reality check and one of my famous ‘tough love’ speeches. You know I love you guys, right? I need ASSETS, not LIABILITIES.

This weekend, I posted some photos from an overnight camping and hunting trip. There was quite a bit of snow. I revealed that the purpose was to test some new gear, but more importantly test myself. Replies to those photos and subsequent posts is how I separate the assets from the liabilities. Assets asked me how the gear worked and how specifically I ran the test, what the temperature was, etc…

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How Ready Are You – Minute Men

Joe Dolio hits another home run. Pay attention folks. The clock is ticking and I believe it might just be speeding up. Make preparations accordingly.

Tactical Wisdom

Consider our world for a moment, as I did on Wednesday morning. Russia shows no signs of pulling out of Ukraine and is threatening the UK. China is becoming more and more bellicose in relation to Taiwan and the US. North Korea is off the chain (again). Iran is threatening both Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan at the same time. The US and Brazil are reeling from election fraud allegations. Citizens all over the world are protesting governments in my predicted “worldwide civil wars” scenario. On top of all that, we have out of control inflation and energy shortages. It’s a scary time.

Against this backdrop, I walked into my gear room to assess my readiness, and I was not impressed. Don’t get me wrong, I have everything I need. It’s just not in a state of “walk out the door readiness”. So, I’ll be embarking on that process and testing…

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Snapping In

Folks, myself, good cousin Dick, and others have been preaching everything JD is saying here for a long time. I hope folks will read it and take it to heart. Time is of the essence.

Tactical Wisdom

When you go to US Marine Corps Boot Camp, after the first few weeks of Phase 1, if you survive, you get sent to Recruit Field Training Duty for Phase 2, or as I call it, THE FUN STUFF. At RFTD, you learn individual movement techniques, basic infantry tactics, and marksmanship.

During the 2 weeks of marksmanship training, the entire first week is done without firing a shot. It’s officially called Grass Week, but Marines have always called it “Snapping In”. Snapping In means practicing getting into the various field firing positions and applying the marksmanship fundamentals. It’s done for days on end before ever firing a shot because you need time to develop muscle memory and to stretch out muscle groups that most people have never used in that way.

As an example, after learning the intricacies of every firing position, you learn how to drop from standing into…

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Testing Yourself

Good stuff here from Joe Dolio. 👍🏻👍🏻

Tactical Wisdom

Ragnar the Insurrectionist

I’m a big fan of the Vikings TV Series. Yes, I know it’s not 100% historically accurate, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some Tactical Wisdom in it. In fact, the plot line from Season 1 is very instructive for the moment we find ourselves in and can guide you in getting ready.

Ragnar had defied Earl Haraldson and the Earl ordered surveillance on Ragnar and his war-band (sounds like the government watching a militia group, doesn’t it?). In fact, the Earl went so far as to insert an informant into Ragnar’s crew, Knut. Sounds pretty familiar. Well, the first lesson is that Ragnar assigned people to keep watch on the informant to limit the information he could gather and the damage he could do.

But the part that relates most to this article is that after Ragnar and his band fought off an attack by the…

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