My Experience With Primary Arms Optics

I’m not the only one who is a huge fan of Primary Arms ACSS optics.

Mason Dixon Survivalist Association

Primary Arms blog post02 Four different Primary Arms ACSS optics that I have on some of my firearms. 

There are a few writers out there that love to say a piece of tactical kit is “Duty Grade”, when the writer/individual (an “expert” I’m sure….) in question has never even done “Duty” any where or at any time. Those “experts” will “poo poo” those of us that select items based on what we believe is a serious need, but also have to consider our pocket book in the process.

A while back I read some drivel from a “Wanna be Tactical but Never Has Been” concerning a recommendation towards selecting Primary Arms optics for self defense firearms. This author’s “claim to fame” is taking classes from some tactical trainers, giving his “Range day accomplishments” in blog form and being a self described “Anarchist”.

Having not only owned, but used, a number of Primary Arms optics…

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Scenes from the Recon and Surveillance Course


100_0785 Hasty hide site is prepared to conceal rucksack and provide an overnight position. Note the abundance of dead grass in the area- makes for a simple early warning to the Scout should anyone (or anything) approach their position.

100_0783 Larger hide site prepared for a three man team. Note the triangular shape. 

100_0784 Hide site, rear. 

100_0788 Pack light, freeze at night? Usually, but not always. Even with a morning frost, I slept comfortable enough with a GI bivy cover, Snugpak Jungle Blanket, and GI casualty blanket. A big part of the course of learning what your actually need, and what you can exist without. 

100_0792 Three man Recce team prepares a plan at the Objective Rally Point.

100_0793 Same Recce Team, preparing to move. 

100_0795 The objective: A Small Town of Shoothouses and a mission to surveil the medical facility. 

100_0797 Student in a cobra hood completes his range card and prepares to move back to…

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