Palmetto State Armory KS-47 Pistol part 2


KS-47 Pistol –

KS-47 Carbine –

Primary Arms Cyclops, Black –

Primary Arms Cyclops, FDE –


Palmetto State Armory KS-47 Pistol part 1


KS-47 10.5″ Pistol with lighweight M-Lok handguard –

KS-47 10.5″ Pistol with standard handguard –

KS-47 16″ Carbine with lightweight M-Lok handguard –

KS-47 16″ Carbine with M-Lok handguard –

KS-47 16″ Carbine with standard handguard –

KS-47 Pistol lower –

KS-47 Carbine lower –

KS-47 10.5″ Lightweight M-Lok upper –

KS-47 10.5″ Upper with standard handguards –

KS-47 16″ Lightweight M-Lok upper –

KS-47 16″ Upper with standard handguards –

Primary Arms Cyclops, Black –

Primary Arms Cyclops, FDE –

Force Multipliers: My Optics Of Choice For The LP/OP

Knowledge drop from my friend JC Dodge.

Mason Dixon Survivalist Association

A few things should come to mind when you think of items that are considered “Force Multipliers”. Good Commo, Night and Thermal vision, and some good optics with special features, all make things easier and more sure when it counts.  Use of those items along with other visual aids can help positively identify (PID) friend from foe. In a combat zone, PID is a must. Even more so would be the need for PID if you and yours are to survive a WROL situation.

lp-op optics post01 Burris XTS 2575 spotting scope on left, Armasight 7×50 with M22 Mil rangefinder reticle on right. Both are no longer available for sale, but other versions of these items are readily available.

When we think of having to occupy either a permanent or temporary Listening Post/Observation Post (LP/OP), what are some of the tools you think you’d need at your disposal? In the realm of commo…

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Poor mans M27 IAR/RPK build – the area denial weapon

Here is the build list I used for put together this rifle.

Palmetto State Armory Lower –

Palmetto State Armory Lower parts kit –

Alternate parts kits – ,

Palmetto State Armory Upper –

Alternate upper-

Primary Arms 3x Prism Scope, Black –

Primary Arms 3x Prism Scope, FDE –


Scenes from the Recon and Surveillance Team Course

There will be a lot more of this, than of running and gunning I believe.


The Recon and Surveillance Team (R & S) course is designed to train civilians in the basic tasks of small unit tactics from the perspective of both a hunter and an observer. Rather than wasting time, money and ammo on modified close quarters battle techniques or even worse, mirroring conventional Infantry, this class teaches a team to work as a pack of hunters, not prey. It’s the way effective guerrilla fighters have fought since long before Major Robert Rogers wrote his now famous Rules for Ranging.

IMG_1767 - Copy A student’s field expedient rangecard is prepared. Shooting an azimuth to the left and right limit of observation along with each target reference point (TRP), then ranging each, allows for quick target handoff between shooters. It’s a basic observation skill which better coordinates the team.

IMG_1774 - Copy On patrol- the VHF mobile is prepared at the transmission site. Get the SALUTE report written…

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