Training Hike: Hide site and Dakota fire pit

Get out there and practice folks…. There is no substitute.

Badlands Fieldcraft

The planets aligned and I saw an opportunity to get out and do some training this weekend so I took it. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, I decided to organize it around a few objectives in order to get the most from it. They were:

  • Conduct a hike in full kit. This is to continue familiarizing myself with my gear and how it fits as well as the obvious PT benefit.
  • Patrol in and scout a location for a low profile shelter, or hide site.
  • Camouflage the shelter utilizing materials I brought with as well as local vegetation
  • Construct a Dakota fire pit with an emphasis on keeping as low a profile as possible.
  • Practice identifying as many useful plants and resources in the area as possible.

I arrived at the training area and the first thing I did was conduct my own pre-combat inspection on my gear. I…

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Tactical Training for Your Tribe.

Good advice from my friend at Wyoming Survival. This is extremely close to what we do. As with everything, tweak it to your specific location and situation. 👍🏻👍🏻

Wyoming Survival

This is strictly my opinion on training my tribe. It’s not the right way or wrong way. It’s my way the way I see it. I’m sure I will leave out something important because it is a pretty big subject and I will probably just forget to include something that should be part of the training.

My idea here is I’m training my group for some sort of WROL(without rule of law) scenario. We are on our own with no local LEO help. Also for sake of this article I’m going to assume I have a group of 10 to 20 people. My assumption is this group is made up of multiple families and maybe a few single people.

Whenever I train people I always assume that they know nothing so I start at the bottom level.

I’m going to start with firearms training first. My reasoning for that is…

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Wyoming Survival

I dug this field manual up the other night. There is ALOT of good information in it. I highly recommend downloading it. What I am posting here is basically what most of my writing has been about. Signal Intelligence and defeating signal intelligence gathered. Everything in italics is what I added. I would suggest you add some of these radio procedures to your own group comms.

10-6. Electronic protection is the division of electronic warfare involving actions taken to protect personnel,
facilities, and equipment from any effects of friendly or enemy use of the electromagnetic spectrum that
degrade, neutralize or destroy friendly combat capability friendly combat capability (JP 3-13.1).

Table 10-1. Techniques for minimizing transmissions and transmission times

Ensure all
transmissions are
Analysis of U.S. tactical communications indicates that most communication used in
training exercises are explanatory and not directive. Radio communications must never
use as a…

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