MDT LandNav Essentials Course #103

Mason Dixon Survivalist Association

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Our LandNav Essentials Course this past weekend went well. Here’s an AAR from one of the students. I don’t post many AAR’s (they are for me to use to help improve the class, not to try and impress the readership here) but this was the first dedicated two days of “LandNav Only” class, and is the reason for posting this AAR.  I always posted AAR’s when I first started the MDT blog 4 years ago, to show what I offered, and I still always post at least one AAR from each new class that is developed. 

LandNav Post


Terrain : Appalachian  mountainous  , heavily wooded, and  rocky.
Weather: cooler high 20- to low 40s. Dress appropriately but not problem once moving.  Summer bring bug juice  and be.prepared to do tick checks on a regular basis. No issue in this class.
Physical condition : You have to be able to walk…

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