Hidden Gold nuggets….

There is a ton of nonsense on the interwebs, especially U-toob. However, once in a while you come across hidden nuggets of golden truth. It’s hard to put into words how refreshing the following is. Now, this person is both a subscriber of mine, as well as a customer. I had no idea though other than just happening to take a look at his channel one day. I’m glad I did.

Now, before you dismiss what you’re about to watch, I would urge to to listen very closely to what is being said. There is far more to this gentleman than he is putting out there and letting you see………

There is a lot to be gained from the following, if you pay close attention and think rationally and realistically.

His Minuteman vids…

On “torture testing”….

Everything you need to know about running a Glock 19….

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