Train Now While You Have A Choice Not When You Are Forced Too.

Wise words folks….

Wyoming Survival

Today I taught my new Ecomms class to a great group of patriots. Its been two years since I have taught any sort of tactical class. It felt good to be back teaching in the tactical realm.

After class we were talking about other classes I teach and about the fact that I along with others want to get people as trained as possible before things really go south.

As we were talking I spoke jokingly about not wanting to have to train people when I HAVE to. Thinking about it a bit more I REALLY don’t want to train people when I HAVE to. I can guarantee they will NOT want to come get training with me when they HAVE to over now when they WANT to.

You don’t want to train with me when we have to be in the field for 2 weeks straight.

You don’t want…

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One thought on “Train Now While You Have A Choice Not When You Are Forced Too.

  1. I always felt life is like a Klingon. Every day, and every task from work, to home, and finally family is indeed a battle. As a guy, it’s about sucking it up and trying to trudge on or die trying. Sure it sounds cruel, but life is never easy. I should know, I’ve been there.

    Seizures, walking pneumonia, snake bite, black widow bite, and more. You learn, and adapt. Prepping has come natural to me as breathing. What I know I learned in life. Been getting my kit together, praying and conditioning. The only wish, that things might not come to this, but for a working class american like myself? The cycle of life struggling to live never ends.

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